My Boyfriend's Love Complex

Aname Tsubasa,Er Zhen,

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First Episode
Xiang Nan, who's an absolute idiot when it comes to love, has had a crush on Hong Xiao for a very long time. In order to increase his eligibility as a boyfriend, he decides to seek help online from the top four male gods of the internet. "Masters, please teach me about love!" What surprises him the most is how all four of them say yes immediately. Number One says, "Overbearing CEO, Contract Lover, which one do you want to be?" Number Two says, "Midnight shower, personal bedroom, which one do you want a peek at?" Number Three says, "Kneeling, squatting, sideways, and prone. Which way do you want to be positioned?" Number Four says, "Chest muscles, abdominal muscles, pelvic muscles, which one do you wanna train first?" Erm...why is this path to knowledge filled with so many obstacles?
First Episode