My Great Sword

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MON Fantasy
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First Episode
In the year 1838 of the First Emperor's calendar, the Tian Yuan war has ended, and a man who had crossed over to this world and was forced to fight for six years threw the great sword in his hand, and with his soul wounded and bewildered, staggered away from the devastated battlefield, wanting to explore this strange and mysterious world. Our story begins two years after he regained his freedom. However, he found that things were not so simple, the six years of war entangled him with the destiny of this new world, the Han dynasty that implemented changes, the Western powers that were watching, the martial artists that wielded imperial weapons, the gunners that manipulated machinery, the engineers that harnessed the power of steam, modified humans that were fatally armed... In this new world where the technology has developed rapidly, the civilizations of the East and West, each at its peak, are waiting for a spark to ignite a war between the two worlds. And all of this happened because of the great sword that he threw away. Like fate, he couldn't avoid it. He seemed to be cursed by the great sword he threw away... Well, or maybe it was a blessing?
First Episode