Moon Shark : From Underwater Princess to Celebrity

sinsaebyeok, gimeuntto, SSOM

TUE Romance
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Sid may look like any ordinary high schooler with a typical obsession with a boy band, but she has a secret that no one can know—or even believe. She's the child of the Sea God, and Shark Princess of the underwater kingdom, who is next in line for the throne. However, burdened by her impending responsibilities and overbearing mother, she runs away to live inland and falls hopelessly in love with Raun, a member of the boy band BUB. Things were going great until the famous teen actor, Jihan Kang, steps into her life unexpectedly and they keep crossing paths. And when she accidentally goes viral, things really start to get complicated. Will this underwater princess be able to keep her secret and get what she came inland for?
First Episode