From an Evil Daughter to the Group’s Favorite?!

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MON Romance
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First Episode
While binge-watching a popular drama, Ningxuan unexpectedly transmigrated into the drama's universe. She was the evil, arrogant fake daughter now, who relentlessly bullied the real daughter and kept causing trouble for herself. Whenever she thought of the terrible fate in store for her..."This is bad, this is a huge problem," Ningxuan said anxiously.To avoid this fate, Ningxuan returned everything to the true daughter and even avoided conflict with the main cast at all costs to live her life in peace. And yet—"I was wrong about you. If it's possible, can we start over?" The male lead said.Ningxuan responded, "What the heck? Bro, your true love is over there!"Since the day you rescued me, my life has belonged to you..." The male supporting character answered."Wake up! She's your savior, not me!" Ningxuan retorted. The female lead exclaimed, "I know you're the only person who treats me well in this world, so...once I get rid of all these men bothering you, you'll be mine!"
First Episode