The Evil Young Master's Rules of Survival

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TUE Fantasy
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First Episode
When I was playing games in the cyber cafe, my soul was suddenly transported into the body of the duke's third son with the same name as me. Is God giving me a great responsibility or is this redemption of my fate?Neither! He’s just another typical little brat of a fodder with the title of a rich playboy… My instincts tell me that I should be doing something! If not, I’ll never survive past episode three!Even though I say that he’s a typical fodder, why does this little brat have such good luck with women? Maids, rich daughters, lolis, mature ladies, even… Cross-dressers. Gosh, why wasn’t my past life this fulfilling? The world is a big place, but I’ve only been nesting inside a cyber cafe my entire past life… In this life, I’ll go around this prosperous world (with the ladies)! I’ll survive even if I’m just some typical fodder!
First Episode